Lake Como Italy
The beauty of Lake Como

For everyone who plan to visit Italy and Lake Como not on the list, i think you need to revise all the plan. Just to make sure you wont missed the beauty of Lake Como. 

Lake como is a city in Italy, northern Italy, 25 miles (40 km) north of Milan. So, we decided to take 1 day trip to Lake Como when we were at Milan at that time. 

The journey takes between 36 minutes and 1 hour. Bought our TRENITALIA Train ticket from the machine at Milan Central Station and don’t worry there are lots of trains heading to Lake Como.

The ticket price is 5 – 15€ for one way and children under 6 are free. Make sure you arrive at the gate 10 mins before departure, because we were but you don’t need to buy a new ticket (as long as the destination remains the same). 

We already booked a hotel for a 1 night stay and we decided to choose a nice hotel. So our choice goes to Hilton Lake Como :).

When we arrived at Como Lago station, we already checked the route and planned to walk to the hotel from the train station. 

Como Lago station

This is the main road of Lake Como and it was so beautiful and so peaceful.  PS : the road and the public transport are stroller friendly. So, if you plan to visit Lake Como with kids, then its a YES!

Lake Como in Italy

Before heading to the city we managed to check the swimming pool first, and I hope we are on the same page, because for me the view so beautiful, almost burst the tears.

Hilton Lake Como, Swimming Pool

Then, after lunch time we went out and explored the city center. We bought a bus ticket from the parking machine nearby. We don’t have any specific plan but we are looking for Mcd ( LOL) because our toddler refuse to eat at the hotel. So went to the city centre and Como’s Old Town.

Explore Como’s Old Town

The next day, after breakfast and spend time at swimming pool, we manage to walking around the city before heading back to Milan. And I decided, this is the city that i wish to visit again someday.

So, we walked from our hotel and visit Villa Olmo but did not go inside, we just enjoying the breathtaking view from the garden. Villa Olmo was acquired in 1924 by the municipality of Como and today is open to the public only during exhibitions, while the lakeside gardens are freely accessible during the daytime.

So we walk through the the lake, my heart keep beating so fast and suddenly 1 day not enough to stay here. I need 7 days stay at Como. Hope to see you again Como :).

Lake Como, Italy.
Kids friendly restaurant in Tallinn
Top 3 kids friendly restaurant in Tallinn

Life after kids is always full of surprises. But after few years of becoming parents, we tend to prepare and always choose wisely over something.

Sometimes, we also thinking a lot about the kids menu, sometimes we don’t really care as long as the kids happy and just enjoying the restaurant. But it will always nice to get everything in one place right? Good food + nice playroom = Happy kids = Happy parents 🙂

So, here few recommendation few kids friendly restaurants in Tallinn that we really love because they have a playroom :

  1. Vapiano Foorum

Calling all pasta lovers! The self service and open kitchen concept is quite interesting. Where you can order Pasta/Pizza/Risotto directly to the chef and watch them cooking in front of you. And the best part is, Vapiano has most comfortable playroom. You can sit and enjoy your meal while watching your kids in the playroom. Don’t forget to order 5€ pizza for your kids. I’m pretty sure kids will love it. 

Location : Vapiano Foorum, Hobujaama 10,  Tallinn

Playroom Vapiano Foorum

2. Lou Lou

This one I think is quite new in town and better make some reservations. The food was great, we went there for brunch and we really love the coffee. But, I didn’t see they had a kids menu and sometimes the order took a bit long. I hope their service is getting better by now. 

Location : Lou Lou Laeva 1, Tallinn. 

3. Babyback Ribs & BBQ

This restaurant is always the best choice when you go to Ulemiste Mall, on the 2nd floor. It’s like a hidden gem, because you can’t see the playground from outside. The food was always great and they also served kids meals. PS : Sometimes they will give us vouchers for the next visit. 

How to Create a Restaurant Review

Creating a restaurant review is a great way to share your excitement about a favourite restaurant—or warn potential diners about a particularly disappointing experience. While some people do it for fun, others are professionals.

When people are looking for a restaurant to try, online reviews are often an important deciding factor. The better the reviews, the higher the chance they will book a seat in that restaurant.

Not all reviews are created equal, however. People are smart and can easily distinguish between a genuine review with real information and a brief missive written by someone who may not have actually visited the establishment in question.

You can’t fool people by dashing off a few generic words of praise (e.g., “Loved it!”, “Will definitely go again!”, or “Best night ever!”). People don’t put any stock in these types of reviews because they feel bland and untrustworthy. Details and specifics are what viewers find helpful.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the steps to create an effective restaurant review.

1. Do Background Research

  • Find out how the restaurant markets itself to its target audience. This will help you evaluate their success with respect to their goals

2. Build a Chronological Narrative

  • Describe your experience with a chronological structure. Start with when you entered the restaurant and proceed through to when you departed.
  • Use complete sentences, descriptive phrases, and specific details.

3. Include Restaurant Information

  • Include information about the cuisine, price range, location, operating hours, and contact information.
  • Do they serve alcohol? Do they allow smoking?
  • Do they accept reservations? If not, how long is the typical wait?
  • Do they offer any live music or entertainment?
  • Is the restaurant suitable for families, children, large groups, etc.? Or is it more intimate and romantic, suitable mainly for couples?

4. Set Your Evaluation Criteria

  • Clarify which criteria you will be using to evaluate the restaurant. Since you may be writing multiple reviews, it’s important to consider this question ahead of time.
  • Evaluation criteria could include (but are not limited to): quality of the food, service, interior and exterior design, ambiance, cleanliness, and value for money.

5. Be a Customer, Not a Reviewer

  • For your review to have credibility, it must reflect an experience that any customer might have and video evidence. If you do a good job of establishing credibility, readers will seek out your reviews of other restaurants, as well.

6. Include Both Pros and Cons

  • Even Michelin-starred restaurants have their drawbacks. No place is perfect!

7. Discuss Only What You Experience

  • While discussing the food, limit yourself to the food and drink you actually tried.
  • You can mention other cuisines that might be offered by the restaurant, as well, but don’t attempt to provide an exhaustive list of every dish.

8. Be Clear, Fair, and Honest

  • This should go without saying, but it’s very important that your review be fair and honest. Remember that your review has the power to persuade people whether or not to go to this restaurant.
  • If your review is negative, be sure to maintain a high level of professionalism. It doesn’t help your credibility if you sound ranty.
  • If you think the restaurant overlooked certain details, you may certainly mention it as a word of caution, but don’t belabour the point.

9. Close With Your Recommendation

  • Finish your review by providing your concise recommendation. Thumbs up or down?
  • Your last line should be a call to action. Make sure it’s effective.

What Do the Star Ratings Mean?

Some reviewers get confused by whether to choose three or four stars for an above-average restaurant with excellent food. Here is an explanation of what all five ratings mean.

  • 1 star =Poor. There’s nothing good about the restaurant. You won’t be returning.
  • 2 stars =Okay. The restaurant has one or two good qualities. It might be a delicious dish, helpful staff, or an inviting atmosphere. Still, you have no interest in visiting again.
  • 3 stars =Good. A fine example of a specific kind of restaurant. It can be delicious food with excellent service. You may think about returning if you wish to have that particular cuisine.
  • 4 stars =Excellent. Delicious food, appealing atmosphere, helpful staff, and brilliant service.
  • 5 stars = Extraordinary. Meets an elite standard by which you judge all other restaurants. The staff is always ready to help, the premises are extremely clean, the atmosphere is lovely, and the food is both delicious and beautifully presented.