“Pearl” of Tartu (Estonia) for introverts and nature lovers🌱

Tartu is the second-largest city in Estonia, famous for its University, ranked among 3 % of the best academic units in the world, and therefore sometimes considered the “intellectual capital city”.

Tartu Main Square during Christmas
Source: Nikolay Roll

Tartu is a safe, cosy and calm city which, from first sight, looks like a big student campus, but it is way more than that. It has many museums, including the Estonian National Museum, worth visiting for its extensive collection of Estonian ethnography and folk art, a lot of small, stylish and vibing cafes, beautiful parks and impressive architecture. 

We promise you to tell more about all of it in our future posts, but today our primary focus is University Botanical Garden.

It is the oldest botanical garden in Baltics, owning more than 10 000 plant species, occupied with nice walking roads, comfy benches, alcove to play chess or other games/have a talk/hide from the weather.
It is definitely one of the places that are better once seen than 10 times read about.
So, we offering you a collection of spring pics from the Garden as a little spoiler to warm up your desire to visit.

Enjoy! 💚

The combination of the incredible beauty of the plants, large shady areas with a pleasant coolness but access to the sun, birdsong and quiet spaces make this place a natural paradise for introverts.