Dar es Salaam to Nairobi by Bus Complete Guide

“good morning from Bonjour Dar es Salaam I’m going to Nairobi today and in this video, I’m going to give you all the information you need if you want to travel from the restaurant to Nairobi to the restless by bus you are welcome to right now I’m at the bonjour b bus stop waiting for tom hairy bars from magufulibasi terminal amazing as you can see other buses heading to northern regions are passing hopefully my birthday will also be arriving very soon Nairobi yeah let the journey begins this is a very long journey approximately 16 hours due to some delays that in a manga border but the actual distance between the Dar es Salaam and Nairobi is 900 kilometres

I Used Tahmeed in this trip, I think this is the only bus company playing this route daily for now August 2022 the bus has comfortable seats and the seating arrangement is impressive I paid 75 000 Tanzania shillings which is like 3 800 Kenyan shillings you can buy your ticket by visiting their offices at shekilango bungo and the magufulibasi terminal in the Dar es Salaam. In Nairobi their office is located at a river road downtown alternatively you can buy your ticket online or you can call them and they pay through mobile money.

This is our first stop it is for passengers to stretch their legs and easing themselves in sway they use the metaphor for chimbadawa they are toilet facilities but you can buy some refreshments from vendors around. I’m um oh hi everybody so foreign though this is a long journey but it is worth it the scenery along the way the landscapes are impressive to watch and the roads are in a very decent condition

This is our major stop for passengers to get their lunch you can buy everything from buffet lunch at eight thousand five hundred thousand shillings but also you can get chips and chicken at the same amount sodas juice to name just a few of them um there are also fruit section where you can get sweet oranges from tango mangoes bananas and other foods.

It took one hour and 30 minutes from Arusha Tanzania and Kenya share one border post yatina manga border formalities are still the same you must have your passport uh temporal passports are accepted for East African nationals apart from having a passport you must also have a yellow fever vaccination card with regard to covid19 you must produce a coverage certificate if you are fully vaccinated if not you should produce your pcr test border formalities went smoothly and after one year under 20 minutes we are ready to go it is less than 200 kilometres from namanga to Nairobi good.

There we are welcome to Nairobi you can see the Nairobi expressway welcoming us hope you have enjoyed today’s video don’t forget to subscribe like and share this video to your loved ones okay