Grenoble and Where To Eat?

Grenoble, one of the biggest cities in France, especially its vibrant ecosystem makes Grenoble a major destination for European students. In addition, there’re nearly 20 ski resorts surrounding Grenoble, which is right in the middle of 4 mountain chains with their own uniqueness. Beautiful nature, pretty city center, nice locals but somehow, it is still underrated among tourists. Delicious regional food is the fastest way to win someone’s heart. Then let me introduce some specialties of Grenoble!

  1. La Ferme à Dédé Grenoble

Anyone who knows the existence of Grenoble would know the restaurant named La Ferme à Dédé Grenoble. A family dinner restaurant serves real french food, even a not originated dish – hamburger, is cooked in a french way. With two locations, one is opened near the train station, ready to make someone just arrive full and happy, one is close to the old city center, surrounded by cute houses and amazing decoration.

2. La Tarteline

You know you will want a quick lunch after spending the entire morning climbing the mountain of La Bastille. Too hungry to wait? Let’s head to La Tarteline, where you can eat French tarte and only French Tarte. The restaurant is located right int the city center, nearby many others shop, including Galeries Lafayette. Both savoury and sweet tartes are available here, mostly stable, though they modify some choices on the menu accordingly to the seasons. So bear in mind if you couldn’t find your favour summer strawberry tarte in the snowy winter.

3. Crêperie de Gordes

Crepe is a French signature though it’s not fulfilling enough to be a meal, at least to me. Hence I recommend you to have it as a snack, or perhaps a dessert after a light lunch/dinner. Just like how La Tarteline is, Crêperie de Gordes also serves both savoury and sweet crepes even though savoury crepes are galettes, not particularly crepes. What make Crêperie de Gordes special is the view and the vibe of the restaurant. Since it’s located next to pretties park of Grenoble – Jardin de Ville, it provides customer with a calm environment and surroundings, make it easier to have a chat with friends and family. Grenoble has good weather, I would say most of the time, so take my advice into account, sit outside and enjoy the sun!

Kindly share your experience with these restaurant to other travellers. What did you order? And what’s your favorite one? Do you enjoy your time? Always remember, free water is served in most french restaurants!