Hitchhiking; wherever you are in the world, it is the culture of traveling with a vehicle that you randomly stop on the road to go from anywhere you want to another place you want. Yes, you didn’t misread. Hitchhiking is a culture.
1)No hitchhiking with a large team: If you want to travel as a large team, it’s best to split into groups of two. Imagine that you hitchhiked as a team of six or seven people. No one will want to take you in their car.
2) Indispensable safety: The most important element for hitchhiking is safety. Both for the car owner and for the hitchhiking traveller. Car owners often try to decide whether you are reliable by looking at your appearance and attitude. As a hitchhiker traveler, you do pretty much the same. Remember, you don’t have to ride every vehicle. If you encounter a situation in the vehicle that will threaten your safety, stay calm and find an excuse to get off at the most convenient place possible.
3) Be patient: Keep in mind that hitchhiking is patience. Sometimes you can wait for hours in forty degrees hot and sometimes in freezing cold. Of course, the luck factor should not be overlooked.
4) Hitchhike until the air gets dark: It’s more difficult for vehicles to see you at night, which is not good for your safety. In order not to cause an accident, you can use a luminous vest, etc., that you can use at night. Don’t hitchhike at night if you don’t have equipment.
5) Find the best place to hitchhike: Remember that hitchhiking is prohibited on highways. Use public transport that can take you out of the city to the nearest ring road and never hitchhike around bends and curves!