How to get supercharge productivity with restaurant management tools and apps?

Every day, advancementsin restaurant software, technology, and services are produced.

Back-office operations are managed by an average of three technology vendors in restaurants.

Accounting, payroll, and business intelligence tools are said to be extremely critical to

50 percent of restaurant professionals. 68% of restaurant professionals evaluate sales reports

on a regular basis, 45 % study labor records on a regular basis, and 32 % review menu reports

on a regular basis.

Your visitors value technology as well. Restaurant guests named contactless/mobile payment availability (34 percent), pay at the table technology (33 %), and online ordering as the technologies that would most enhance their dining experiences during and after the COVID-19 crisis (33 percent). To put it another way, technology enhances both your efficiency and the experience of your guests.

We’ve prepared restaurants management apps list and productivity tools to keep you up to date. Use these tools to simplify your processes so you can focus on what matters most: your guests, food, and crew.


Avero provides invaluable insights into restaurant operations and sales to restaurateurs. When combined with your restaurant POS, you gain access to a comprehensive set of solutions such as server performance tracking, inventory management, labor and food cost tracking, revenue management, and more.


Buffer is a social media management app that allows you to manage all of your restaurant’s social media accounts in one place. You can plan and schedule posts in advance, as well as track social media performance, all from your phone or laptop.


HotSchedules is a mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution that assists managers in reducing the time, it takes to create, communicate, and manage employee work schedules. It assists you in scheduling the right people at the right time in order to reduce labor costs by up to 2%, according to the app.


Rockbot, which has over 16 million songs licensed for your restaurant, allows you to play the best background music to create the mood that matches your brand. Control the app and manage what’s playing in your restaurant from any mobile device. Guests can also make requests from your pre-approved music library. The music can be customized, and playlists can be set to play automatically throughout the day. What’s the best part? You don’t have to be concerned about restaurant music licensing fees.

• Zero Hour Health

Zero Hour Health is a crisis management solution that can assist your restaurant in dealing with a wide range of issues, such as foodborne illness outbreaks, violent episodes, workforce issues, and a plethora of other crises. Additionally, Zero Hour Health provides comprehensive COVID-19 clinical guidance and medical direction, including reopening plans, employee health checks, and operating procedures.

• Restaurant Productivity Calculator

This free Toast resource allows restaurant owners and managers to identify gaps in their day and see how they compare to the average restaurateur. Enter the number of hours you spend per week on tasks such as inventory tracking, accounting and reporting, and menu work. The template calculates your time and provides you with concrete restaurant productivity metrics, allowing you to see exactly how much time you spend in the restaurant each week and how you can become more productive.