Travel Website you didn’t know that existed

Introducing Tconnect by TravelTube which connects thousands of travellers across the world. Travellers can see and connect with other travellers going to the same destination within the same date and can also see and connect with travellers that just left the same destination to receive real-time and update travel information.

Travelling has always been an information-intensive activity due to factors like safety concerns, places to have the most fun, other travellers opinions or reviews about hotels, restaurants, parks etc. Thanks to platforms like lonely planet guide books, TripAdvisor and others which help travellers make informed decisions on their travel activities.

Connecting Travellers

Covid-19 has directly impacted the world and how we travel dramatically. The need for the most updated information has never been more important to travellers both travelling locally and internationally. Travellers travelling locally need information on the city/state regulation and restrictions, closed parks and beaches etc. While for international travellers, this need has never been more. A lot of travellers get stranded at the airport due to miscommunications and lack of updated information due to the fast past of response government are trying to respond to the Covid-19 cases 

A few months ago TravelTube launched a travel tool called Tconnect that connects travellers travelling to the same destination. Travellers can now connect a traveller planning to travel to a destination with another traveller who recently visited that location or who will be going to that destination before you to get more real-time information about that destination. Travellers can also connect with other travellers going to the same destination during the same date to jointly enjoy the travel moments as a group. It is said that happiness is only real when it is shared by Chris McCandless. TravelTube users survey in Dubai shows that some users living abroad are using Tconnect to send and receive items from their home country through other travellers from Tconnect.

Since its launch, thousands of Travelers have been utilizing the tool. Over 60% of travellers currently using the tool are solo travellers, as they look for like-minded travellers to have a shared experience.  20% of travellers are couple connecting with other travellers for a shared experience. 15% of travellers are families and 5% are groups of travellers.

TravelTube recently launched a mobile app on the play store to increase the user’s experience and receive notifications each time a new traveller is visiting a destination they are also planning to visit or travellers who will be in a destination before they are so that they can get updated travel information about the location.