Things you must know before applying to university in France

Number 1: Availability of your major

As an international student in a business school, I can confirm that you will have a lot of options for your future major. Given the example of my experience, I was extremely satisfied with all the information my current school provides. Regarding the degrees, they include all the modules for each semester and even the subjects for each major in the third year. However, they didn’t warn me about the requirements and availability for the Finance and Accounting major, as if later on after I joined I would get the details. On my side, I did feel bad for not taking a look or proposing a question. In fact, the number of students who can join this major is limited, and be chosen based on their performance and GPA ranking, which turn out to be stressful and open an unwanted situation for me.

Number 2: Proof of your finances for the visa application

This might not be a big problem for someone studying at a private university. Though, even if you got accepted into a public uni, you still need to demonstrate that you are well prepared for your education. For more information, please check the minimum requirements on the embassy website.

Number 3: Percentage of Students Who Graduate on time

Imagine staying in the same class all over again, could you stay positive? Well, getting to know this figure might keep you to stay focused on the number of hours or efforts you put into your study, especially when others are not concerned about the difficulty of the course.

Number 4: The Total Cost

Checking carefully other things you might need to pay for and add them to your financial plan. For example, printing and visa application fees, and books are also unavoidable.