Public Transportation in Grenoble

Grenoble, a destination that is surrounded with mountain and waterfall, is still one of the biggest student cities in France. Its public transportation is comfortable enough to use, though, since it’s way smaller than Paris, the metro system does not exist. Well, there are still 3 available options so you can decide on one, or combine them for your daily life.

NUMBER 1&2: Buses and Trams

Tram is indeed the fastest choice. It’s hard to compare the buses in Grenoble and the tram system as both of them are on the ground, sharing similar working hours and way to use. However, in order to purchase the paper ticket, as a tourist, you can only do this at every tram station. Of course, it would be a different situation if you’re a student or you are going to work here for a while. Then, the first task is to go to the office and buy yourself a monthly/yearly card, which will help you saving a lot of money. Though, keep in mind that when booking your place of living. Some might look like it’s close by the city center but in fact, far away and unreachable by the tram. Hence, your only option left is the buses, which are not always on time, most of the time.

NUMBER 3: Public bicyclesDaily rent option available if you live close by your university and only want to rent for a day to go somewhere else. I still highly recommend you to rent it monthly. It would save up your booking time whenever you need it urgently. Also, riding a bike is a type of exercise, the different is, you will have the view of pretty Grenoble. Up to your preference!