International student scams you should know about in France

Dear future international students coming to France for your education, it’s sad but significant to warn you that, even though France is such a great country with a rich culture and historical background, it’s dangerous at some aspects. This list of 5 scams can’t cover everything but I will cover the major ones that I or someone I know, have experienced.

  1. Scammers claiming as “government authorities” sometimes contact or email you and demand banking details or warn you that you have violated immigration regulations.
  2. Proposals of employment that demand you to buy gift cards or make a purchase on anything online
  3. Tax forms from a third party seek to reclaim the reimbursement that is legally yours.
  4. Rental scams such as your security deposit are taken but you are not greeted with the keys to your new home.
  5. A scammer will hold you on the phone for an extended period of time and won’t let you hang up to return the call. This happens a lot to international students who don’t speak French because they don’t understand the context and the reason of the call.