What You Should And Shouldn’t Do In Cameroon.


⁃ Do not smoke in a public vehicle.

⁃ Do not build or farm and encroach into someone else’s land especially government property.

⁃ Do not litter the road.

⁃ Do not move around without an identity card.

⁃ Do not run away from a police check point especially when stopped.

⁃ Do not purchase a cutlass or very long iron rods in the North West and South West Regions without authorization from the minister of territorial administration.


⁃ When addressing Francophones you do not know or someone elderly refer to them using “vous” which is second person plural and not “tu” which is second person singular.

⁃ Respect speed limits and necessary road signs.

⁃ Park at the appropriate spots else a penalty or fine may arise.

⁃ Always make it a habit to greet when you get into a cab, store, office or any place where you meet strangers.