Do’s and Don’t as a Tourist You Must Know When Visiting Queenstown (Komani)
City Center

Queenstown now Komani, a town located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa is a quiet and a peaceful place which serves as a hub for small towns in the area. It has excellent schools, tourist sites, medical services, convenience shopping, food outlets, sports facilities among others. As a tourist there are things you can and cannot do. Let’s look at 5 do’s and dont’s whilst in Komani or Queenstown.

Five (5) things you can do

Visit Museums

Fun & Games

Go shopping

Going to the Casino & Gambling

Outdoor Activities

Five (5) things you cannot do

It is recommended that you always keep your room locked at all times.

Never walk alone in quite neighborhoods. Always ensure you are in a group of at least 4 people.

Use registered, qualified tour guides for sight-seeing and entertainment.

Travel in groups, especially if you are visiting a nightclub, bar or shebeen you haven’t been before.

Travel with certified copies of your valuable documents, and keep originals in a safe place.