Scholarships and Grants for Students in France

The introduction to this blog holds a piece of great news and a sad truth for international students coming to France. Public universities all over France are free, no matter your citizenship and background. Getting accepted means you are not expected to pay $50000 tuition fees per year like in the US. Though, minor fees have to be spent like visa applications, language testing, 175$ students fee, etc are unavoidable. However, that’s to be said for the public university. How about private schools? Sadly, private schools normally wouldn’t give away many scholarships, even none. Now, we are going to discuss what is available and should be realistic and achievable.

  1. Early Birds Scholarship

Unlike master’s degrees, which provide multiple scholarships even in private business schools, bachelor’s are different. We have limited support and more competitive environments. If you make up your minds early and jump into your higher education sooner than the other, you will have a chance to receive an Early Birds Scholarship. So what is this? Applying earlier than the other students means if accepted, you will get into the school earlier than them. After that, most schools provide you tuition fees discounts for trusting their institution. Rely on this one since it’s only for the first year of your education.

2. Your government educational scholarship

One of my good friends that I met in France, unexpectedly is doing her study under her government support. Coming from Malaysia, she has. great background with a high GPA, great spirit, and attitude. Talking to her, I get to know that her government provides a program for excellent students to study abroad and then come back and work for their country. Even if it might narrow your future choice, you still have a fund and years to study without worrying about financial issues.

3. CAF

The French Government supports students living away from parents with money allowance, aiming to reduce their rent. You can look for it on the website. Type your postal code and start applying right after you move in to receive it the earliest! The link for it:

Thank you for reading!