Part-time jobs for international students in France

As a student, we are young and wild, we love to spend a lot of money, perhaps on ourselves, such as clothes, cosmetics or maybe on our social life. A happy drink at 10pm Friday night or Lady Night every Wednesday still costs a lot. Though we are now, officially a grownup, it would be awkward to always ask our parents for some allowances. This is why, part-time jobs will be the solution, the great deal for our bachelors!

Firstly, understanding rules is a must. For an international student in France, you can work up to 20 hours a week. The given number was calculated based on many factors and is recommended for your study life. You must remember that fun will pass away, but our future relies on how we manage our time. Secondly, finding part-time jobs is actually, not a hard task at all. There’re so many options for you, from being a babysitter to a waiter/waitress. It depends on your preferences and schedules. You just need to make sure that your shift will not affect your classes and your revision time. Thirdly, if this is the first time you have ever worked, you don’t know how and where to start, let’s just go on Facebook. For example, there are groups for people living in the same city as you asking questions about their own individual problems, and you can post your request of wanting a part-time job too. I highly recommend you to ask around, from your classmates to your roommates, perhaps they also work and their places are hiring.

In conclusion, spending your free time working while studying is intense. In fact, the goal of making money to spend time having would not be the same anymore, since you are filled with shifts anyway. How about we just manage our sources and spend them wisely? What do you think?