How to make a choice on your future university

Not getting accepted into your dream university is indeed sad but getting too many options might also be one of the challenge students have to face. In fact, the majority of students every year apply to at least 7 universities to make sure they will have a secure place for higher education. Sometimes, students don’t spend time listing them based on their preferences and priorities, making it hard to decide. This article is going to show you a few things you could do to clear up your mind and make right decisions!

Number 1: Spend time looking at your program

I know the ranking of your university might be the top matters for you. However, paying attention to the subjects you will learn, the major you can pick later, your career prospects should be your second priority. After all, it’s not always the ranking but what you are going to achieve after finishing this degree.

Number 2: The school activity

Who doesn’t have hobbies and want to spend time with friends? Regional clubs, school associations, monthly activities for students are what you can research on to make the choice. Not every universities has the same association, and perhaps you still want to continue your high school journey of participating in horse riding or archery. Sound exciting yet?

Number 3: The city

Making sure you will love the city as you are going to live there, for a while. Find out what it has or what you can do in your free time. Also, check out the weather and temperature during the year if you have your preferences or any health issue.

Numbe 4: You Parent Budget

It’s your dream and your choice. But if you’re relying on your parent financial help, you should be more reasonable. Provide the list of your universities full of information to your parents so they can suggest you with their lifelong advice and support you.

Number 5: The Drawbacks

We love that honeymoon phase when we just got accepted. Keep it mind that everything has it drawbacks. It’s not like we focus on the negative sides. However, having a look at that would benefit us from difficulties we might suffer from in the future. Can you think of any?