Different accommodation choices and the way to find your new home in France

STEP 1: Decide on your lifestyle

There are three common accommodation choices for students in France, namely the independent studio, the shared apartment, the homestay, and the student dorm building.

  1. The independent studio: You will have everything that only belongs to you, including freedom, and attached with that would be the same amount of responsibility. It would be the top choice if you are used to living in France and are financially stable. Trust me, no one wants to suffer from new difficulties alone. Though, as an introvert, I love the idea of moving to a studio after year 1, comfort and alone time are coming.
  2. The shared apartment: Having friends that could be your supporters is the highlight of this type of accommodation. Besides some minor conflicts during the stay, my experience was amazing. First of all, it was cheaper than the other options. Second, living with other students gives me an opportunity to expand my social network. Third, you have your alone time, but if you want, you will always have someone to hang out with.
  3. The homestay: Getting deeper into the culture. Well, this experience would be a life changer as it’s not the same compared to the rest of the options. You will get to improve your French much faster since you live with a French family and participate in the french culture every day. Perfect if you’re an extrovert and want to experience new things.

STEP 2: Searching for your dream home

Multiple websites are available. However, I recommend Studapart for 5 reasons:

  • Easy to use and search for what you want
  • Safe for International students (The apartment are checked before being advertised)
  • Secure payment
  • Helpful owner and customer supports
  • Commonly use all over the EU

STEP 3: Make sure everything is on the track

Please start to find your apartment at least 1 month before the day of your Visa Application since you will need proof of your stay for it. Also, carefully check your rental contract because once you signed it, you can’t change the rules anymore. Finally, don’t hesitate and feel free to ask any questions!