How to prepare for your study in France

  1. Take some language class

First of all, if you are already fluent in French, your bachelor’s life would be much easier, in terms of relationships, daily activities, and further administrative tasks. Technically, in order to attend a public university in France, you’re supposed to achieve a B2 level certificate in French, perhaps through the TCF or DELF testing system. However, many business schools and private universities offer courses and degrees in English to attract more international students, which means these students are required to speak French in class. Though there is so much more out there to explore, such as, having a part-time job in a french coffee shop, or hanging out with the french associations. That’s why learning at least the basics would be beneficial. And for your knowledge, the french, they do love their language, like a lot!

2. Make a list of what to bring

You’re moving to France, the kingdom of fashion, living the dream life of most people. Well, it’s not necessary to bring too many clothes. As a matter of fact, you will definitely buy new clothing items real soon, probably right after landing. Then, what you need to carefully look through is your important document. For example, if you want to apply for CAF, with the hope of receiving funds from the government, you will need to submit personal information on paper, which is kind of a challenge for newcomers. Printing here is weirdly expensive and hard to find. Print beforehand so that you can use it whenever you need to.

3. Social Life

Please, go find and join those groups on Facebook to reach out to people that live in the same city as you. You can’t imagine how helpful it could be. First, you get to know people even before you move there. As a result, you will have some new friends to hang out with right away. Second, most of your problems could be solved if you post your questions and explain the situation there. Seriously, people are trying to help you if they can. Perhaps after living there for a year, you could help others too. Third, you can seek opportunities, especially summer internships in the same city. Great choice cause you won’t have to move again and again.