The Most Dangerous Activities

In this article, we make some dangerous activities list for you. While they may not kill you, some of them are extremely dangerous, and if you are not careful, they could kill you.

1)Ride a bull at Lyle Sankey’s Rodeo School

While their disclaimer states that they’ll match the livestock with the student’s age/ability, it also notes: “We are not dealing with trained animals and cannot make you an athlete or change your physical condition or your mental state in only a three- or four-day training session.” That said, these dudes will let anybody mount a live bull.

2) Bike down Death Road

North Yungas Road, also known as “Death Road,” is a 35mi stretch between La Paz and Coroico, Bolivia, that’s weirdly popular with tourists, despite the fact that 200 to 300 of them die annually biking/driving down its hairpin turns.

3)Do the Death Drop

Called the Death Drop, the world’s first gorge swing plunges riders into a 160ft free fall at 111mph before catching them inches away from what must feel like certain death.

4) Cage-dive in Shark Alley

Nicknamed ‘Shark Alley’ for a reason (it’s a favorite hunting ground for great whites), this small fishing town is a prime cage-diving destination. Think that metal cage is gonna protect you, though? This video of a shark crashing into the cage might make you think again.

5) Skydive off Mt. Everest

Billed as the “World’s Most Elite Skydiving Adventure,” the experience involves hurling yourself out of a helicopter from the planet’s highest drop zone (29,500ft) while waving to the folks climbing up the mountain.