Best Travel Jobs for Backpackers

Want to travel more, but don’t have the money? Then this guide is for you! There are several ways to earn money by traveling abroad, and in this article you will find interesting travel jobs.

1) Transport a Car or RV

Car and RV dealerships or car rental companies sometimes hire people to drive cars to a different destination. Rental companies often find themselves with too many cars in one destination and want to move them to an area where rentals are more in demand. The trick with these jobs is getting a car that’s going where you want to go at the right time. For this you can get a free road trip and some money.

2) Freelance Photographer

If you love taking pictures, why don’t you make the most of your skills and being paid for it? Breaking into freelance photography is no easy, feat but it’s totally possible if you have perseverance and work at honing your craft every day. You can sell your photos to the media, magazines and some websites and it is possible to get around 0-5000$ for a month.

3) Make Money Blogging

One way to make money while traveling is to create a blog. You can share your experiences while traveling here, you can give travel tips for the audience. Once you reach a certain audience, you can receive ads as well as serve those who want to travel. Before creating a blog, you need to have a basic knowledge of marketing and media.

4) Busking

A street instrument from one of the oldest professions in the world. If you have a talent, you can show a little money on the street, and even better – you can make a group of people smile!

5) Teach English Abroad

For backpackers looking to settle somewhere for a year or more to save up some serious cash, teaching English abroad is one of the best jobs for nomads. Being a native speaker gives you an obvious advantage, but it’s also possible for non-native speakers to get work teaching English too. You don’t even really need a degree to teach English in many countries, however, nabbing a TEFL certificate through an online course first will help you hit the ground running.