Interesting Facts About The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a sovereign country situated off the north­western coast of the European mainland. The total area of the United Kingdom is 240,000 km^2 (94,000 square miles). In this article are some interesting facts about the U.K. :
🔘 UK is a vast country, but no matter where you stay, you’ll never be further than 115 km from the sea.
🔘 Tea is by far the most famous drink among Brits. It is estimated that they drink 165 million cups of tea every day.
🔘 London houses more than 8 million citizens who communicate via different languages. It is estimated that more than 300 languages are spoken in the city.
🔘 Oxford University is the oldest higher education institution in the U.K. Until 1877, it’s lecturers were not allowed to get married.
🔘 French was the official language in the U.K., from 1066 to 1362 for almost 300 years.
🔘 Smith Jones and Williams are some of the most common names in the U.K.
🔘 Shakespeare added approximately three thousand words to the English language.